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When Aid Has Become Poison

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  1. In Venezuela, humanitarian aid has become a political weapon Sacks containing humanitarian aid are seen at a warehouse near the Tienditas cross-border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela on Feb.
  2. Jun 09,  · If you are concerned that you have a potential poisoning case on your hands and the person remains stable and is not showing symptoms, call Poison Help at in the United States. If you know the number for your regional poison control center, then call it Views: 71K.
  3. Jan 04,  · Arsenic poisoning, or arsenicosis, happens when a person takes in dangerous levels of arsenic. Arsenic is a natural semi-metallic chemical that .
  4. Below is a checklist to help you in the event of a poisoning. First steps. If the person is not breathing, call If the person inhaled poison, get him or her fresh air right away. If the person has poison on the skin, take off any clothing the poison touched. Rinse skin with running water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Tell the or poison control dispatcher the name of the poison if you know it. In some cases, dispatchers may connect you to a poison control center. Only give the person the antidotes that the dispatcher or poison control tells you to use. The first aid instructions on the poison itself may or may not be useful.
  6. Feb 14,  · They may become poisonous when mixed. Bleach and ammonia are one example. When you mix them together, they create a deadly gas. Keep medicines and chemicals in their original containers.
  7. First Aid for Poisonings in a Child. In some cases, accidental poisoning of a child can be treated at home. You will need to follow the directions of a poison control center or your child's healthcare provider. In other cases, a child will need emergency medical care. Poison .
  8. There are some first aid measures for poisonings that make a difference if accomplished within seconds to minutes of a poison exposure. Be familiar with the steps below for swallowed poisons, poisons in the eye, on the skin, or inhaled (breathed in).

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